Principal’s Welcome

Wasleys Primary School is a small country school which has a long history in the local community. The old school house, built in 1880, now contains two kitchens and an assembly area, and is currently utilised as a Play Centre space once a week. The main school building was built in 1981 and houses our admin, resource centre, 3 classrooms and an art room.

We are well resourced, and our school is set in spacious grounds with a large kitchen garden to the rear, a sandpit, cubby house, playground, music shed and oval providing students with lots options for play. Students are very welcoming of new students and are encouraged to include others in their games to ensure everyone feels they belong.


Our school is developing a strong, positive reputation in the community and our enrolments have increased over recent years. We currently have 33 children in 3 classes each morning (R-2, 3-4 and 5-7) for literacy and numeracy, allowing a higher teacher-studio ratio and targeted teaching of core curriculum subjects. In the afternoons we run 2 classes for all remaining areas of the Australian Curriculum, with additional staffing to provide individualised support responsive to the needs of all students, including students with additional needs and talents. Japanese, Health / PE  and The Arts are three of our specialist areas. We run a Reading and Homework Club after school once a week and seek extra experiences for our student community, such as access to the Light Regional Library service and clinics from nearby sporting clubs.


Decision making bodies include a strong Governing Council and Student Representative Group who work hard to continue to improve our school and learning programs. These groups have been heavily involved in the design and construction of our Nature Play Space which is currently under construction. Our teachers are friendly and knowledgeable and keep their skills and understandings up to date. Their current focus is on improving student reading comprehension and writing outcomes.


For further information please browse our website and like our Facebook page.  We also welcome general enquiries and requests for school tours.


Ann-Marie Ellis



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